Spring Assembly Warranty Policy

Proper installation is essential for safe, smooth operation.

Cargo Systems recommends our spring assemblies only be installed, adjusted or modified by the original trailer manufacturer or an authorized dealer. Under no circumstances should the end user attempt to modify, adjust or replace a torsion spring assembly.

Cargo Systems is a member of the National Association of Trailer Manufacturers (NATM).

  1. Cargo Systems, Inc. works closely with trailer manufacturers to insure the quality and safety of the Ramp-Heister Spring Assembly. If there is a problem, Cargo Systems recommends that the trailer manufacturer contact us directly to make a determination of the proper steps for resolution.
  2. Cargo Systems, Inc. has honored in the past the warranty policies of cargo trailer manufacturers as applied to the Ramp-Heister Spring Assembly. We agree to stand behind our product as it applies to defective parts or improper assembly of the Ramp-Heister by Cargo Systems. We request that the defective spring assembly be replaced by a certified dealer of the cargo trailer manufacturer, and that the assembly is returned to Cargo Systems, Inc. to examine the cause of the problem. If it is determined by Cargo Systems that the failure of the spring assembly is not due to any defect of material or improper installation by the manufacturer, Cargo Systems reserves the right to deny replacement of part or parts and any other costs related to the claim.