Installation Instructions

  1. One fully assembled Header
  2. Two Side Rails w/brushes

Installation instructions

  1. Ensure that the header fits in desired opening (wall to wall).
  2. Measure the height of the inside of the opening where the screen will be mounted from floor to ceiling.
  3. Take that length and subtract 3” (height of header enclosure). Ex: Floor to ceiling height is 85” – 3” = 82”
  4. Cut down each side rail to this length.
  5. Each side rail has a lip to screw in screws. This lip can be positioned either way depending on where you want your screws located.
  6. Once side rails are cut down, insert the header tails into each of the side rails.
  7. Once both side rails are attached to the header, walk the entire unit into place. Be sure that both side rails are directly across from each other.
  8. Screw one screw through the side channel into the bottom hole of the header tail on each side.
  9. Once that is done, screw in side channels to the walls using the lip of the L channel.
  10. Once installed, to use the screen, pull down to desired stopping point and let go. Screen will stay where it is stopped.
  11. To roll the screen back up, gently pull down on the bottom rail or if bottom rail is sitting on the floor, use the side pull tabs to gently pull down and release. This will allow the screen to roll back up. (Please note, screen must be pulled down at least half way of opening in order to fully retract up).